We create brand identity systems, digital platforms and campaigns that engage today's consumers.

Digital Design

Digital Strategy 
Web Design
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
eCommerce / Retail
Mobile Design
Content Creation


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Messaging & Voice
Brand Collateral
Package Design
Product Design


Our process is open and shared in order to work with your needs.

A unique game plan designed just for you.

Each project is unique in its own way therefore our approach and strategy must be as well. We look to adapt our process with yours - our clients become part of the team. We Mighty. 

We are an extension to your business and brand.

We look to grow together with our clients. We build teams accordingly around your needs and provide access to everyone invovled. 

Like any relationship, communication is key.

We use various digital tools for communication and project management. But we also encourage direct communication via face-to-face conversations and check-ins.


A brand identity is the visual language that holds your business together. We help our clients connect with their audience through sincerity and strategy.

We get to know your brand/company inside out before we identify and analyze your market and user needs. We help solidify your company’s brand mission which will lead the creative direction of the brand identity. This internal ideology allows us to create design solutions with meaning and purpose. Our big picture process has four phases:

We gather data and become familiar with the situation through collaboration and analysis. From here, the sketchbooks come out and concepts begin to transform to digital form to visualise our thinking and strategy.

Together, we identify key needs and issues, then we develop a game plan to address these needs with the right approach and creative solution. We sit down with you to discuss the entire process with clarity before we execute the creative.

We dive deep into our concepts and potential design directions, and organize these possibilities into a clear vision. Then we package everything accordingly. Our identity systems are all supported with a packaged brand guideline.

Before we publish anything, we test on all platforms to make sure everything works cohesively together. While the project wraps up, we always see opportunity to evolve and adapt accordingly. We look to build alongside with you the whole way.

Get in touch with us.

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