PrepShop is a meal service that offers fully customizable and freshly prepared meals created by trainers and chefs. The founders approached Mighty to help bring their vision of the brand to life. With extensive experience in both professional training and the restaurant industry, we helped PrepShop identify and target gym goers and health conscious consumers.


Branding + Identity
Website Design + Development 
SEO Marketing 
Print Collateral 

Brand Identity

The identity was designed to engage people with an active and healthy lifestyle. We created a brand with visual references that reflect the precise approach that goes behind each meal they create.

Logo Design + Colour

The logo is simple, strong, and memorable. Units of measurement are subtly used to mimic the roof of a shop, accentuating the shop aspect of the brand. Taking advantage of the lack of colour diversity in the market, we decided that a strong and contrasting orange and black palette would differentiate the brand in a market that is predominantly green. Orange also has a sense of warmness that complements our food photography very well. 

Outcome + Results

The outcome is fluid and easily recognizable brand identity system that embodies the values of the company. The branding and website design was well received by both the client and PrepShop customers. It created a better brand awareness that attracted more potential customers.

Digital Design Direction

We aimed to have the branding to reflect the overall core values of the shop therfore we decided to take a “less is more” mindset by keeping the content informative and to the point.